Welcome to Hargeysa Book Fair - 2015: theme Spaces | Guest Country: Nigeria | New: WoW Hargeysa

The theme of SPACES

The HIBF has established a reputation as a major site of debate and inspiration to support social reconstruction. This year, the HIBF will adopt the theme of “spaces”.

Spaces, spaces and spaces
Spaces around us, physical space, spiritual space, cultural space, political space, social space, personal space, space within the community, space within the family, space within different sectors of the society. Participants will be provoked to learn to allow themselves to acquire their own space, and not to infringe the space of others. The lack of space causes in humans, a poverty of thought, of well-being, of personal development. People need space to grow, to think, nurse and nurture their soul. The concept of space helps us to examine a traditional Somali society as a nomadic community living in a vast almost infinite physical space, defined by an ultimate feeling of freedom and a lack of physical constraints with regard to mobility. But when this community suddenly moves into an urban environment, it finds that traditional notions of space take on new meanings and raise new questions. How does this new urban experience impact on traditional ways of expression and communication? How can we as a society adjust to these new urban spaces? Does moving from rural into urban spaces constrict our sense of spiritual wellbeing?

It is our hope that participants of the HIBF 2015 will be provoked to think about the nature of space and all its various implications for Somaliland society.

Check the following panels: "Theme of the year", WoW's "Whose Somaliland is?".

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