Day Two – Sunday 24th July 2016

8.30 – 10.00 Panel Discussion: Building blocks of a Nation: Political Leadership and Somaliland Foreign Policy

This year, the 9th Hargeysa International Book Fair will dedicate a session to the building blocks of the nation, with a session on political leadership and Somaliland foreign policy led by the Foreign Minister of Somaliland Dr. Saad Ali Shire. Dr. Saad will be focusing on Somaliland’s political transition and its new foreign policy strategy. Dr. Saad is the former Minister of Planning, his brainchild project, Somaliland National Planning, shaped the national policy for development. Dr. Saad made key contributions to Somaliland including the establishment of universities (Hargeysa, Burao and Berbera), developing the National Development Plan, pursuing, with the international community, the establishment of the “Somaliland Special Arrangement” and developing regional plans in Somaliland. As Foreign Minister his achievements include community engagement, diplomacy for Somaliland recognition committees, economic diplomacy including leading on the DP World negotiations and overseeing trade and transit agreements with Ethiopia.

This panel will also feature Dr. Iqbal Jhazbhay, South Africa’s current Ambassador to the State of Eritrea, formerly Professor at the University of South Africa and the previous Director of the Unisa Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies. Dr. Jhazbhay’s research interests include Islam in Somaliland and Somalia, South African Islam, Sufism, Political Islam, South African foreign policy towards North Africa and the Middle East, international relations and Islam. He has authored the book Somaliland: An African Struggle for Nationhood and International Recognition, some twenty-two academic articles and chapters on Islamic thought, Somaliland and South African foreign policy. For the purpose of this discussion, Dr. Jhazbhay will be focusing on Somaliland and the international context, with a specific emphasis on the makings of good leaders, ambassadors and political activists to advance the Somaliland cause more strategically.

Chair: Quman Jibril, recently of the Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law. Quman Akli is a Dutch Somali lawyer with research experience in justice, governance, and human rights.

10.30 – 12.00 Panel discussion: Women and leadership

The magnitude of challenges facing women in Somaliland and the stagnation of women in leadership positions both in concept and in practice calls for a deeper analysis of our past, our current society and looking ahead to the future.

Panellists will include: Edna Adan; Zahra; Sucad Carmiye. They will focus on a group of Somaliland business women who have set up a business association in Hargeysa and will consider the challenges and opportunities of working in Somaliland. Zahra Jibril will present the life and work of Edna Adan.

In the panel we will be exploring what it means to be a successful woman in Somaliland, drawing on the panellists’ business leadership and their own experiences. What can male and female leaders do in our society to encourage the development of women leaders? What are some of the successful initiatives that we can pursue to support women into leadership positions? This will be followed by a question and answer session with the audience.

Chair: Muna Ahmed Cumar attended the Somali literature and creative writing training. In February 2016 she attended President Obama’s Young African Leadership Initiatives Program ‘YALI’. Muna published her first book Baadidoon in July 2014 and is working on her second book.

16.00-17.00 Children Panel

Muse Isse (Muuse Dalmar), editor of Carruurteenna, a Somali children’s magazine published by Somali Nordic Culture (a not-for-profit organisation comprising students, writers, storytellers, librarians, journalists and artists); Matilda Wallin of the Swedish International Library and a member of Somali Nordic Culture; Amira Hersi, Director of Asdiga Al Azhra Reading Club and Zainab Dahir, storyteller, entertainer and educator based in the UK who is an activist and promoter of the Somali language among Somali children raised in the UK. Zainab is founder of Galool, a source of material for education of Somali language and culture. Farduus Maxamed Axmed (Dheere) will be presenting her first book, a collection of stories for children “Dhallan Kobciye”.

Chair: Farah Hassan, Founder of Somaliland professionals, interested in Education, Youth and the environment/deforestation/climate change.

17.00-18.00 Poetess in conversation: Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva

Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva is from Uganda and a poet, editor, actress, leadership trainer, events manager and children’s facilitator and a long-distance swimmer. Leading scholars around the world have described her 2016 poetry collection, Dress Me In Disobedience, as raw and rare. Beverley holds a Distinction in Creative Writing from Lancaster University, which she received in 2012. Her other creative works have appeared in Wasafiri, Drumvoices Revue, Postcolonial Journal, Lawino Magazine, Short Story Day Africa, The Kalahari Review, Prairie Schooner, KUT Journal, New Black Magazine, Expound Magazine, Femrite, EVENT Magazine and others. She is the founder of the Babishai Niwe (BN) Poetry Foundation, which coordinates annual poetry competitions for Africans, trains children in poetry of all forms and publishes poetry. The Foundation also organizes the annual Babishai Poetry Festival, hosting leading global voices in poetry and verse. Beverley is also a certified leadership trainer through the highly acclaimed Haggai International Institute and she is a public speaker, having led motivational talks and training worldwide in England, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Egypt for leaders, journalists, academics and organisations. Beverley was Uganda’s 2014 BBC Commonwealth Games poet. Her desire is to travel to every country in the world before she turns 70.

Chair: Hamda Yusuf – a young spoken-word poet has just graduated from University of Washington. She grew up listening to stories from her parents who saw stories as a means for preserving their Somali culture. This led her to discover spoken-word poetry and her voice. While chairing she will also read her poem ‘Just another towelhead’, one of her poems.

18:00-18:30 The publishing industry in Somaliland

Rooble Mohamed, a Somaliland journalist will host a discussion with the different publishers and printers in Somaliland to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities.

18.30-19.00 Book launches in Somali [Conflict and peace]

18:40- 18:50: Axmed Maxamed Diiriye, Measuring Peace, a Quantitative Study on the Absence of Violence in Africa,

18.50-19.00 Maxamuud Ducaale Saleebaan. Dhiiggii Geesiga, Taariikhda Halgankii Dib U Xoraynta JSL,

19:00-19:10 Muna Bile Hirsi will present her book Poverty Eradication through Zakat Mechanism

19.30-20.30: On Muuse Galaal – Book launch and panel discussion (in Somali)

Malkadii Muuse Gaalaal is a new book written by Mohamoud Hagi Ibrahim Mohamoud on the life and academic legacy of the late Muuse Hagi Ismail Galaal. The panel will consider the life and works of the scholar, a Somali literary champion whose role in the preservation and promotion of Somali literature and culture is recognised by Somalis all over. Personalities who knew Musa Galaal, including Dr. Hussein M Adam, scholar and founder of Somali Studies International Association; Said Salah Ahmed, playwright; Dr. Martin Orwin, linguist; Rashid Sheekh Abdillahi, historian and writer. The Minister of Culture and National Guidance will host this session.


20.30-21.00 Traditional Dances