We will explore the theme of leadership, and its connection to art, culture, and creativity. Who are our leaders, past and present? Do we need leaders, and if so what are the qualities of a good leader? The building blocks of leadership, the image and expectation we have of our leaders and the courage and ability that makes a leader will be discussed.

Who are our leaders in the arts, and how can art and creativity shape future leadership? These are some of the questions that will be posed to our local and international artists, writers, playwrights, musicians, and scholars this year. Globally, there are abundant examples of bad leadership; over the last few years we have witnessed the consequences of this particularly across Africa and the Middle East. Can arts and culture offer us an opportunity not only to imagine a different future, but also to creatively articulate new ideals and ideas of good leadership? Alongside artists from Ghana—our guest country this year—we will explore different forms of leadership, including political, social, religious, and entrepreneurial, unravelling past and present forms of leadership as well as our hopes for future leaders to come.