Our Guest Country

Our Guest Country
Our Guest country corner of our event is all about building a bridge that connects the youth of Somaliland to the wider African continent who were left in an enclave for many reasons. The young and the Diaspora community of Somaliland have much of a western and Arabic world understanding and linkage than to the contemporary Africa and the story behind it.

Accordingly selecting a Guest country reconnects the cord of harmony between Somaliland and nations in Africa focusing on the Art and Culture that depicts the development in social, political and economical spheres. This year our Guest country is Nigeria which is often referred as the “Giant of Africa” owing it to its largest population and economy. Nigeria’s significance of Nigeria in the historical narrations of the continent in general is also paramount that has been presented through the literature offered to the world by the children’s of the nation. Chinua Achebe the writer of the first world wide accepted novel “Things Fall Apart” in 1958 is one among the many scholars who managed to penetrate in the world literature along with his other novel “No Longer at Ease” which tells a story about the shared identity crises for young Africans after the end of the colonial era due to a collusion between African identity and western culture shaped social manifestation. These novels are still in use for teaching African Literature throughout the world. Even though the factors for massive exposure to the western culture has changed its face, the result can be articulated in a similar argument considering its outcome which is a cultural clash for young Africans like the youth of Somaliland who are loosely tied to the African historical, cultural and sociological performances. This is why we have picked Nigeria for this year’s Guest Country that fits perfect with the theme of “Spaces” in all domains of change and progress to be discussed in our International Book Fair.
The Hargeisa International Book fair is not just a book fair rather it is a place where Art is celebrated, Culture is lived and experience is shard. That is how it has managed to go on and on to its 8th year with growing in member of participants and issues it entertains. Breaking bridges and upholding African identity is our aim in everything we promote.

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