08.00-10.00 Panel: On Sustainable Development Goals
Dr. Idris Y Elmi (UNESCO): and if the Sustainable Development Goals were told to me.
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals that the world has set for the next 15 years are not foreign to Africa and to Africans. Just wear a look at the cultural humus of the continent. Eradicating poverty, protecting the planet and guaranteeing prosperity for all in the context of a new sustainable development agenda have also been objectives that are drawn between the lines of proverbs, tales and African wisdom. We will share these African principles, which will become the practical actions that will feed the Sustainable Development Goals.
Discussants: Dr. Abdul Rahman Lammin [UNESCO], Abdi Ali (DG Ministry of Education) – moderated by Ahmed Abokor (DG Ministry of Information). Co-hosted by Ministry of Education [Ministry of Education] and Ministry of Information and National Guidance.

10.00-12.00 Panel: On droughts – water management and the effects of climate change
There have been consistent patterns indicative of climate change in Somaliland over the past two decades. Frequent droughts with ever increasing severity in the past decade in particular suggests that such natural events will continue with a greater economic and social impacts in the future. Such events are generally expected to hit harder most vulnerable social groups, especially nomadic and agropastoralist populations. Key concerns in Somaliland include serious threats to food security and health, considerable economic decline and degradation of pastoral and agricultural land and freshwater resources in longer run. Evidence also suggests that severe environmental degradation caused by climate change lead to increased may lead to migration out of rural areas toward cities and other countries, and potentially conflict between migrants and residents in receiving areas. Implications of mass migrations include abandoning of nomadic way of life which forms the foundation of the Somali pastoral culture, and therefore potentially a graduate decline of prominent features of Somali cultural heritage. The panel on Sustainable Development Goals will discuss the cultural and wider social implications of recent droughts in Somaliland.
Dr. Mohamud Hashi (economist, ASH), Ahmed Ibrahim Awale (Candlelight), who else(?)
Hosted by the Ministry of Environment(?)

Panel: Water Harvesting in Somaliland – with focus on Xumboweyne Dam
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This is a multi-million dollar dam recently completed with financing from Al Khalifah Foundation of the United Arab Emirates. This is a major undertaking compared to the small scale subsurface and/or sand storage dams that have been put across the beds of a number of seasonal water courses in the country to improve water availability.
The discussion will be focused on the benefits that could be accrued from the project, environmental sustainability and its replicability elsewhere.
Chris Print (UNOPS), ?

16.00-18.00: Children’s Program

19.00-21.00 On sustainability of elections