Readers Club Presentation
The reader’s clubs together with The Somaliland Life Makers (Somaliland youth organisation) and other youth lead Somaliland organization will be discussing how to augment the Somaliland readership and to escalate future campaigns in this regards. This year they will be combing the preservation and promotion of Somali traditional dance.
Chairs: Abdirisaaq Mandella.

Traditional Board Games (“Shax”, “Layligoobalay”) and their pedagogic role
Authors, whom have dedicated themselves to Shax and LayliGoobalay in the past two years, will be available to meet the audience. This session will also organise the first Somaliland Shax Game tournament, a popular traditional Somali game. The winner will be named the “Shax Master of the Year”.

HIBF for juniors: The Somaliland Circus and Children’s play
In the final event of the programme, Hargeysa International Book Fair in collaboration with Havoyoco presents the Somaliland Circus, an entertainment hugely enjoyed by the public at large. We will introduce new edition of Riyaaq (a book written by Ahmed Aw Geeddi and Hassan Abdi Madar) with Somali traditional songs employed in the modern Circus plays. Hargeysa Cultural Centre presents their special children’s play “Bakeyle Ciideed”

Summing Up and Conclusion – The Way Forward after 10 years
HIBF concludes the six-day program of events with a summary of the main points from the various panels and lectures followed by a discussion on the theme and plans for 2018, the 11th Anniversary of this festival which will host entirely the 40th Anniversary of the Somali Studies International Association and its 13th Congress.

Closing Gala and play production – In collaboration with Music In Africa Connects project, the final concert will include live performances from renowned Somali singers including Xiddigaha Geeska (Horn Stars) performing with Hudeidi. During the closing Gala we are going enjoy the concluding of HIBF with the screening of the most historically ground-breaking of Somali play directed by Abdirahman Yusuf Artan. The play explores various different contemporary social issues. It is line with theme of leadership in which this year’s book fair is all about